Spray Dryer

It gives us immense pleasure in presenting before you the MKM Spray Dryer and Rotary Atomizer .We gratefully humbly acknowledge the tremendous response accorded to our product.It is a one-step continuous particle-processing operation involving drying.The feed can either be a solution , suspension , emulsion or a paste results in powder , granules and agglomeration.Fluid Bed Dryer offers a lucid solution to drying of wet granules, crystalline or coarse materials. It utilizes the principle of passing the hot air at a high velocity through the bed of the material to be dried, thus causing it to fluidize.
Product Details:
Spray dryer is a suspended  particle processing systems together with Fluid-Bed Drying Flash Drying Spray Granulation Spray Agglomeration Spray Reaction Spray Cooling and Spray Absorption Spray Drying is a unique drying process.

Applications in the chemical industry.
Applications in the food & dairy industry.
 Applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
Applications in the bio chemical industry.
Applications in the tanin and cellulose industry.
Applications in the offal and fish industry.
Applications in the environmental control.


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